A Day in the Life of a Student at the University of Galway

A typical Wednesday morning begins at 8 am when I wake up to get ready for my day of classes. I make my breakfast and coffee in my student accommodation that is right next to campus. I then head out and go to my first lecture of the day, Imagining Modern Ireland: An Introduction to Modern Irish Culture Studies. This class introduces the ways Irish writers and musicians have worked to form the modern Irish identity. I have loved taking the Irish studies classes that the University of Galway has to offer as it helps me to better understand the rich history of the country I am studying in.

When class is finished, I head to Grattan beach where I have field work to do for my Coastal Dynamics course. Grattan beach is about a 30-minute walk from campus and is located on the Salthill prom. For this course, the task of taking a survey of the beach profile and how it changes over time was assigned. I have really enjoyed learning about beach dynamics and getting to see it for myself during these field trips.

After collecting all the data I need, I head back to campus for my last class of the day. It is another Irish Studies class called Festivals, Rituals, and Commemoration. In this class, we look at these topics as it relates to traditional arts and look at the links between historical and modern practices. This class has two sections, both in the same day with an hour break in between. This is something that is not usual for me back at Drexel, but I have many classes that operate this way in Galway.

Once all my classes are done, as long as it isn’t raining, I like to go for a walk or run along the Corrib River. There is a lovely trail right next to campus with amazing views of the river and even some castles. After doing so, I head back to my apartment and get some homework done and make dinner.

Most nights there are clubs or society meetings or events that are great to attend. Some of the clubs I am in include the Swiftie Society, Granny (knitting/crocheting) Society, Dance Society, and the Women in STEM Society. No matter your interests, the university definitely has a club for you and there is always something to do every night! For example, I have had the opportunity to take Irish dance classes with the Dance Society, speaker series with the WiSTEM Society, and tour screenings/listening parties with the Swiftie Society. With that, I head back to my apartment and call it a day!