Inside Philly

Hey there!

So we’re finishing our third week of study at Drexel and that means nothing other than time for some insides from city of brotherly love. I have explored Philadelphia a bit during this time and want to assure you that there are places to visit and enjoy. Another point is that Philly insides definitely deserve more than one post, so I’ll make two or even three of them throughout these weeks. Let’s dive in!

The very first place I wanna tell you about is my personal top 1 in Philadelphia so far. It’s called Rittenhouse Square district. South of downtown this place looks absolutely different from everything else in this city: tiny, cosy streets with many, many houses built of red bricks with English-style windows, entrances decorated with natural candles, flowers and numerous cute little things. In my case, spirit of Fall and Halloween was already there thus well-known pumpkin vibes were everywhere (just check it out in the photo). In my modest opinion, this is the best environment to slowly walk around, enjoy peaceful moments of life and sip hot tea or aromatic coffee from one of the petite coffeeshops around this district. In one sentence: stop by when you’re in Philly, you won’t regret it.

The next amazing spot that I’ve visited another day was East State Penitentiary. I searched my memory but I couldn’t remember the time when I visited an abandoned prison in my life, so it was really unique and spooky experience. Especially taking into account the fact that I went there with my friend’s family and their 1-year old baby. The atmosphere was unforgettable. If you are a fan of old vibe places with a long history and many stories to tell, this place is absolutely a shot. After your horror experience, it’s a good idea to walk around Fairmount district, where the prison is located. You will see many places to grab some pizza for a snack as we did at one spot just around the corner from Penitentiary.

And last for today but not least for Philly is Drexel Park. The University will invite you for several events there, but I strongly recommend you to stop by at this tiny piece of land without invitation to. During warmer weather, it will be a good idea to spend several hours lying on the grass in the sun. Or if you’re as lucky as I am and came to Philly for Fall semester, you can enjoy walking around with a warm cup of coffee, chatting with friends and having a great time with amazing views of the downtown. Anyway, it is a nice spot to be around in University City.

Well, that’s it for today, folks! Wait for other Philly insides blogs here and have a wonderful week.