5 Things to Pack for Your Study Abroad in Ireland

I have been in Ireland for 2 months now and here are some items I recommend you bring with you when coming to Ireland.

1. Umbrella

This might seem obvious given how Ireland is well known for its rainy weather, but leading up to my trip I was told not to bother with an umbrella due to how windy it gets. While this can be true at times, I wish I would have had an umbrella during my first weeks here. An umbrella is much more effective at keeping your bags and pants dry. Just make sure you have a good raincoat for the times it is too windy for an umbrella!

2. A Good Backpack

During my time abroad, I have taken several weekend trips (how could you not with Ryanair flights being as low as €20?) and I quickly realized the importance of having a reliable backpack. I would recommend something not too big so it can still fit underneath your airplane seat, but not too small so you can pack a weekend’s worth of things in it. Also, make sure the backpack straps are comfortable and padded, and chest straps are also a great feature in order to relieve your shoulders of some weight!

3. Vitamin D Supplements

Another fun part of Irish weather is the lack of sun and low UV index. Make sure to get ahead of this and bring vitamin D supplements with you. Lack of vitamin D can cause fatigue and lowers your immune system, which you definitely don’t want to experience on your trip abroad!

4. Layers, layers, layers!

The weather here loves to switch up very fast. It can go from warm and sunny to windy and rainy in a matter of seconds. With this, I have found it so important to dress in layers. I would recommend bringing a lightweight, waterproof jacket and several underlayers such as Under Armour, long sleeves, leggings, etc. Also, make sure you have a hat, gloves, and a scarf as well, especially if you plan on coming in the winter months.

5. Swimsuit

Swimming is a big deal here in Galway, even throughout the colder months, so make sure you pack a swimsuit! There are great beaches in Galway that you definitely don’t want to miss. The University of Galway also participates in Coldvember, where students are urged to swim in the ocean every morning in November to improve their mental health. It is so fun, and you definitely don’t want to miss it! With this, also make sure you pack an extra towel and water shoes.