5 of the Best Dishes I’ve Tried in Italy

Ciao Drexel! Welcome to week 3 of me recounting my time studying abroad in Rome, Italy. The cuisine in Italy is something I was highly anticipating during my 4 month stay. I can safely say that I have not been disappointed in the slightest. It’s hard to narrow this list to only 5 favorites. During every meal my tastebuds are greeted with fresh and exciting new flavors. Rome is known for its amazing cuisine so you honestly can’t go wrong anywhere that you dine. If you’re ever in Italy, check out these spots!

Dinner at La Scaletta with friends!

5. Suppli

  • Suppli is the perfect snack between classes and meals! I’ve grown super fond of it and it’s great for on the go. My favorite is the suppli from a pizza shop right below my apartment called “Pizza Boom.” I love to grab it as a quick snack when I’m heading somewhere! 

4. Cookies & Cream Gelato

  • During my stay in Venice I tried my favorite gelato I’ve had so far in Italy. I got it paired with coffee, which is my usual go to for gelato here in Italy. Being a huge fan of ice cream, I was so excited to try gelato in Italy. The shop was called,”Bravin Renato & C. S. A. S.” so if you’re ever in Venice, check it out!

3. Ravioli  

  • During a trip to a quaint beach town called LaDispoli, I tried a ravioli there that was to die for. It was at a restaurant by the beach called, “Stabilimento Roma.” The dish was called “Ravioli fatti in casa con ripieno di cernia in salsa di gamberetti,” which translates to “Homemade ravioli stuffed with grouper in sauce of shrimp.” It was perfectly cooked and the seafood was so fresh. I liked it so much that when I went back to LaDispoli I got the same meal again!
Ravioli from Stabilimento Roma!

2. Gnocchi

  • After a trip to the pantheon, I was wandering around the streets of Rome and found a restaurant called Maxela. I opted to try their Gnocchi Pomodoro and it has been my favorite gnocchi I’ve tried in Italy. It was perfectly soft and melted in your mouth. The sauce was just the right amount of sweet and savory. The portion size was perfect and finished my plate!
Gnocchi from Maxela!

1. Lasagna 

  • My favorite meal I’ve had here has been lasagna from a spot called Ai Spaghettari. Hands down the best lasagna I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve been dreaming of this meal ever since I had it. I think I might have to go back before my stay is over to have this meal one more time. Every other lasagna I’ve had in Italy since then has paled in comparison. 
Lasagna from Ai Spaghettari!

Ciao for now Drexel! Check out these spots if you’re ever in Italy!