Benefits of studying at LeBow Business (not about Starbucks in the building)

Hi everyone! And welcome back to our weekly gathering. I still remember how official and bureaucratic last blog was and today I’m keeping my word by presenting you a new entertaining story from my Drexel College – LeBow Business. And as it stated in the title, it’s not going to be about the well-known coffee shop located in our building.

If you ever saw or stoped by LeBow College of Business, I’m pretty sure you had a pleasant experience. The building is pretty modern and fancy-looking; it’s tall, so you can enjoy amazing Philly city views and there are several cozy, chill zones for you to study or procrastinate with Instagram for a bit. All of these are great stuff which I keep on enjoying on a daily basis. However, these are not the coolest features of my college.

In my opinion, the coolest ones are LeBow business trips to different Philly businesses. We have been on two so far and I must say it was an amazing experience which I definitely wouldn’t get by myself. During the first one we visited Lincoln Financial Field, home to the iconic Philadelphia Eagles. The huge stadium was almost empty that time and we got a detailed behind the scene tour. We have seen everything: different levels of fan sectors, numerous press rooms for private guys and national television, private suites for fans who like to enjoy games among friends with snacks, amazing and cozy built-in VIP bar, player’s changing rooms and of course the field itself. The whole tour was fascinating and sometimes crazy stories about customers and the business side of this huge sport site from local workers. For instance, in press rooms they told us about the Taylor Swift situation: she wanted to have more people to enjoy her concert, so she paid for the removal of all windows of the press rooms to add another level of seats. And after the show, she paid to bring everything back how it was. As you can guess, that costed her more than one thousand dollars. Besides everything, this tour fully opened this Philly sport culture for me and I got the vibes.

Our second journey happened last week and this time we were welcomed at the headquarter of Aramark, a big U.S. hospitality company. This is a huge building located right across the river from University City. We had an opportunity to meet and talk to six company workers, who presented their roles in that company, shared their experience from their careers and answered a couple of our questions. It was even more exciting for me, because I’ve been working in hospitality for almost two years and I got a chance to ask guys about their funniest and most ridiculous customer, so we had some fun. And of course we got a tour around the place and some snacks (which is always great stuff). It was my first time inside an American office and I guess the very first time when I ever had a chance to chat with actual workers of such a big company. So, even if you are not going to work in hospitality, it’s worth to go and see how the office culture can be organized and gain some experience for your future job hunting.

Well, folks, that is it for this week. Hope, you were less bored;) this time and I’m looking forward to seeing you next week!