A Typical Day in the Life of A Student Studying Abroad in Rome, Italy

Ciao Drexel! Welcome to the fourth blog post recounting my time studying abroad in the marvelous city of Rome, Italy. Today I’m going to be taking you through a day in my life at the American University of Rome! Everyday looks different while studying abroad, but this is a typical Tuesday in my life! 

Photo of my campus! There’s tons of palm trees in Rome!

9:00AM – Wake Up

  • I start all my days around 9AM, as all of my classes begin at 10:30AM. The walk to school is about 20 minutes, but I like to get to class early. It takes me around 45 minutes to get ready for the day, and then I’m off!

9:45AM – Walk to School

  • Rome is full of beautiful sights and my walk to campus is included in that. I live in Trastevere, which means ‘across the Tiber.’ The Tiber is the river that runs through the city. My apartment and my university are both across the Tiber. My walk to school consists of 3 giant staircases, it’s actually about 200 steps in total. However, I know an alternate route that takes about the same time and is only one flight of stairs. The walk is easier now that it’s cooled down, but in the summer heat it was no fun!

10:30AM – First Class

  • On Tuesday’s I have 3 classes that are pretty much back to back. I start my day in Marketing for Travel and Tourism until 12PM. After that I have a quick break to grab food.

12:00PM – Break 

  • Noon is my only food break of the day. I usually either walk to Archi’s Cafe or Home Baked Cafe, which are both right on campus. Archi’s Cafe has amazing cappuccinos, sandwiches and pastries. Home baked is American breakfast food, so it’s a little taste of home! I decide which one I’m going to based on how much time I have. Today I went to Home Baked and got a breakfast wrap with a hash brown and a cappuccino! I usually eat my food in the garden outside of the academic buildings!
This is the beautiful campus garden! Smoking is very common here, there’s even a student smoking section on campus, as you can see in the photo.

12:30PM – Second Class

  • I then start my second class which is Introduction to Nutrition Science. I’ve really enjoyed this class and learned a lot about the body and the foods I eat. We’ve done some exciting activities like olive oil making and chocolate tasting. 

2:05PM – Third Class

  • For my third class I have one of my favorites, Greek and Roman Mythology. This class has been very exciting for me. I loved the Percy Jackson books growing up and I’ve enjoyed diving back into that as an adult. 
This was taken on the roof at my university! The view overlooks the beautiful city!

3:30PM – Head Home 

  • Everyday I end my classes at 3:30. I head home and either stop at the grocery store or make food at home. Today I decided to have some snacks that I got at the grocery store the day before! These are some of my favorites I’ve tried in Italy!

4:00PM – Relax at Home 

  • After class I usually relax and unwind for a couple of hours. Sometimes I watch a movie or tv show, and sometimes I just take a nap! Today I decided to take a nap. I’m still catching up on my sleep from Fall Break! I traveled to 3 cities in 9 days!

6:00PM – Homework 

  • 6:00 is around the time that I’ll finish up any homework if I have it. I usually try to get all my homework done while I’m on campus, but today I had to submit a research paper that was due at midnight for my Greek and Roman Mythology class. I also had to do some work for my Global Marketing class that I have the following morning. 
Another photo overlooking the city!

8:00 PM – Dinner with Friends 

  • Today was one of my friends birthdays so we got dinner in Trastevere! Dinner is much later here than in the United States, but I’ve noticed that the food comes out extremely quickly in Europe. Tonight for dinner I had Gnocchi Pomodoro, one of my favorites. We went to a restaurant called 

10:30 – Bar with Friends 

  • To continue the birthday celebration, my friends and I went out to a sports bar here in Rome!

12:00PM – Head Home and go to Bed

  • At around midnight I called it a night and headed to bed. And tomorrow I repeat it all!

Ciao for now Drexel! Thanks for tuning in 🙂