Tag: Fall 2019

Weekend Splendor

As a market and festival fanatic, Australia certainly does not lack in this department. After an intense week of uni work, I love knowing there are heaps of Saturday markets and Sunday festivals to explore during the weekend. Lesson Learned #4—If you’re looking for any of these things—love, art, expression, good conversation—well I have the ...

Ambition is Priceless

“Easy to dream a dream, though it’s harder to live it” – Wale I’ve been waiting for someone to pinch me. Maybe then I’d wake up from this dream. Did I really just move out of my apartment in Philadelphia, knowing that I’d probably never return to that home I loved on Preston Street? Did ...

Self-Awareness On The Airport

The blog talks about how it's important to be self-aware and responsible amid the excitement of traveling alone and studying abroad.