Carl Huebner: Crazy Weather of Germany


One thing that I have learned to come accustomed to is the sporadic weather of Germany. I have never seen the weather be so different from day to day, or even throughout one day. There truly is no rhyme or reason to the weather patterns here, regardless of the seasons.

Regardless of what the forecast may be, it is almost guaranteed to rain every day. If you can make it two days in a row without rain, you got lucky. In the states we are very used to it raining every once in a while, but when it does rain, it’s typically for the whole day, then the weather it nicer the next day. With that being the case, you can plan out your day around the rain accordingly.

That is far from the case in Germany. Nearly every day I see at least a quick 5-minute shower. One second it may be sunny and warm, then the next thing you know it is cloudy, windy, and about to rain. Then as quickly as the rain came, it is then sunny once again. My luck seems to be it is always sunny while I’m in class, then rains only for my 15 minute walk back to my house. After running into the problem a few times you quickly learn to always carry an umbrella with you.

Despite the inconvenience of never knowing when it will rain, it is actually very nice to not have many days that are fully consumed by rain. Once you get used to this transition you can really make the best of it and enjoy the sun as much as possible, dealing with the rain as it comes.

Fortunately, we are finally getting to the days of steady warm weather. The first month or so here was very chilly, followed by a period of the weather not knowing what temperature it wanted to be. We would have a one day in the low 60’s, followed by days reaching 80, then back down to a period of low 60’s. However, that is just typically spring weather from what I am told. For the most part it now in the upper 60’s to mid 70’s. At this point, I have only had the chance to wear shorts 3 or 4 times, so I really stress the importance of not over packing on shorts hoping for very warm weather, almost every day is comfortable enough for jeans.

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