Nicholas Sukiennik: Germany Reflections and Paris: Part 1



Classes are finally over, and I’ve had time to reflect on my experience here in Germany. It has been an experience full of learning—learning about science, language, and also myself. Each new experience is a lesson. Mistakes are made and learned from, and one bound to come out the other side a different person, usually for the better.
I can’t say exactly how I’ve changed. That will be for my friends and family back home to determine. But I do know I am more inspired than ever with my studies and ambitions. I’ve made lifelong friends and many many acquaintances from across the world. I’ve seen many cities and historical sites, those that I had never expected to see at such a young age. Overall, as it is likely evident, I’ve very happened with what I’ve done with the past couple of months.
I think it’s true that many people never get that chance to live in Europe in their lives, let alone visit it, and so I am very privileged to have this opportunity. But’ I believe with great privilege comes great responsibility, meaning that I should take full advantage of the opportunities presented to me in order to make the most positive impact I possibly can make on the world.
Now let’s jump to present and give an account of my current activities, post-exams, but pre-departure from Europe.
As I write this blog entry, I am in Paris. I am in a bar adjacent to the hostel I booked last night. A Vampire Weekend plays on the speakers above, and I realize for the first time that I really like that band. I arrived on Sunday, expected to leave today (Tuesday), but because I have planned poorly, I may be stuck here another night. In this case, I plan to go to the Louvre. Unfortunately it is raining out, which, however, makes it a good day to go to a museum. I’ve heard many rumors about Paris, and can see where they come from, but like anything, I think the city is what one makes of it. I’ve had a great time here, seeing all the attractions and spending time with nice people. One cannot expect a city itself to provide him or her amusement. One must put effort into it. The city will give back as much as one puts into it (see the photo above of a stormy night over the Seine). And so I do truly like Paris. I think I could gladly spend a week here without running out of new things to do.
But now, I must go buy a metro pass.
I will continue the story in the next entry. Au revoir for now, folks.

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