Benjamin Saff: More to Miss About Germany


As I said in my previous post, I’m going to miss Germany quite a lot. In this post I will talk more about things that I will certainly miss about this country. It has been said by many who have left Germany: “Ich hab mein Herz in Deutschland verloren” or “I left my heart in Germany”.

The People
I will sincerely miss the German people. Not only will I dearly miss the friends I have made here, but also just the general vibe of all the people that live here. They have been so sweet and friendly to me as a foreigner. I was so worried when I got here I may be viewed as an outsider. But I was instead met with a true “Herzlich Willkommen”. Even strangers have no problem saying hello to each other as they walk by, smiling or even striking up conversation. Even the police officers I spoke to are super nice.

The Architecture
Germany has some fantastic architectural feats, historical and modern. First of all I am going to miss seeing the beautiful castle I call my university. Although it was partially destroyed after WWII, it has been renovated since and its majesty remains as it was. And in 10 minutes travel, I can visit Heidelberg and return to an older time with beautiful old buildings and cobble stones streets. Germany also has a lot of beautiful cathedrals which I will miss. All of these things together to radiates a pleasant atmosphere, one that has spoiled me.

The Diversity
Germany is smack-dab in the cluster of Europe and as a result has a great amount of diversity. The French, the Dutch, the Czech, the Swiss are all neighbors to Germany and contribute to its diversity. Germany is also the 2nd most popularly immigrated to country next to the U.S. so you can imagine the variety of people you can find here. More than anything, Germany is just a fantastic place to have a truly good look at the world, and realize how big and diverse it really is.

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