Greta Jusyte: Important Items to Pack

Important Items to Pack

This past week has been a blur. I have not been able to do much because I’ve had a paper to write and a presentation to prepare, but alas, my school week is finally over and I get to start enjoying my weekend. As I have not managed to accomplish anything exciting or interesting this week to rave about, especially because everything seems a bit more gray after a wonderful week of full travels during my fall break, I have decided to outline a few things that all students coming to study at Sciences Po Reims should bring.
First of all, an Ethernet cable is a must, especially for those who are planning on residing in a CROUS student residence. No one told me that CROUS residences do not have Wi-Fi and I was forced to run around an unknown city, while jetlagged in search of an Ethernet cable on my first day here. Clearly, the republic of France does sell Ethernet cables, but it is much more convenient and cheaper to simply bring one, especially because you probably already have one lying around the house anyway.
Next, a reusable water bottle is a must. I accidentally forgot mine in the States and it has proven to be a grave mistake. There are filtered water stations around campus, but finding reusable water bottles in French stores is nearly impossible.
Don’t forget the toiletries that you’re accustomed to using in the United States. There’s an abundance of many different products, but Neutrogena seems to be the most popular, especially for face wash and cleansers. If you’re completely obsessed with a product, it’s not worth risking the chance that it’s not available in French stores, especially if it is not common.
An umbrella and perhaps rain boots, if space permits. It rains quite a bit here and a small umbrella that can fit into a bag or backpack is extremely useful for those dreary days, where it might rain. Luckily, my sister gave me a small umbrella as a gift right as I was leaving to go to Reims or I would have been stuck without one.
I hope this short list is a good reminder for those items that people might forget to add to the packing list.

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