Greta Jusyte: Celebrating Holidays Abroad

Celebrating Holidays Abroad

Holidays are the one thing that makes students miss home, especially if students are living in a country where the holidays are barely recognized. Last week, I was forced to celebrate Halloween, a beloved and fun American holiday, in France. Some significant parts of the population in France are aware of the existence of Halloween, but it no where near as popular as in the United States. On the day of Halloween, I did manage to see a few kids walking into stars demanding for candy; rather than saying ‘trick or treat’ or the French equivalent, the children just chanted ‘les bons bons’ or candy in French. However, it seemed as if no one above the age of thirteen was celebrating the holiday, which made me miss home more than usual. Not even the Sciences Po Reims Euro-American campus was doing anything significant for Halloween; it felt as if the holiday was going to go unacknowledged.
Luckily, a group of friends and I were able to create our own event and throw a little Halloween party, where of course, costumes were required. A friend and I went dressed up as Jess and Cece from New Girl, which was a fun costume that did not require a visit to the non-existent Halloween costume stores in France. I had a great time.
It is important to celebrate important holidays even when you’re away from home; traditions are essential. Next up, planning a Thanksgiving dinner at one of the residences!