Federico Mosconi: Sports in Mannheim Continued

Mosconi, Federico; Mannheim, Germany - 17 Sports Continued


As I mentioned in my previous blog, you can also get involved in sports here in Mannheim. Not only is there a fair share of teams to support but there are also numerous opportunities and places to play the sports you like.

The university sadly doesn’t have a gym, there is no three story facility like the one at Drexel. Instead the university has an agreement with a local gym only a couple of blocks away. I’m not sure if the gym is only for Mannheim students but I know that it’s not a public gym. I believe that a monthly membership is around 15 euros and they offer 3 month memberships for around 35 euros and semester long memberships for 60 euros. It’s the least expensive gym because Mannheim students get a discount but there are other membership gyms in Mannheim. I haven’t been to the gym but I’ve been told that it’s not the biggest, definitely don’t expect Drexel size. If you are really into working out and weight training other gyms might offer more machines and equipment.

Mannheim University though offers many sport activities through their Institute for Sports organization. The institute has a full catalogue of different activities for students each semester. There’s everything from yoga to rock climbing. The only thing you have to do is pay a small fee and you have access to all these programs. Activities are pretty spaced out so it doesn’t matter when you have class, you will always find something. Personally I haven’t taken part in any of the activities but one of my friends takes full advantage and she says that they are really well organized and professional.

Mannheim also offers some great paths to go running. Since the city is bordered by two rivers there are paths on both. I usually go running along the Neckar river and it’s a nice path if you want to get some fresh air. Sometimes the paths are busy, especially on weekday afternoons after working hours. This path though runs along the Neckar from Mannheim all the way to Heidelberg. I’ve done the whole path with a bicycle and it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon.

There is also a large ice hockey facility adjacent to the university, but I don’t know too much information about that. Also the University has built a brand new turf soccer pitch that is only accessible to university students. This is a great way to get some people together and play pickup soccer. There is also a squash facility on the other side of the river in Ludwigshafen and they offer courts at reasonable prices. (picture of the neckar river path between Mannheim and Heidelberg)

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