Niacka Carty: Takeways


When I received my final exams schedule, I was sad that my last exam was days before I leave Madrid. At that time, there was a lot that I wanted to still do before I leave but as my final exam dates came closer and closer, naturally, I had less time for recreational activity.

I took my last final yesterday and I started compiling a mental “Things-To-Do” list in the two more days I have in Madrid. The picture for this blog post is one of the things I accomplished. I finally went to the movie theater! Going to the movies was exciting for me not only because I was patiently waiting for free time but also because it was a theater abroad. Thus, I was looking forward to experiencing how Spaniards go the movies. I enjoyed it more than theaters I have been to in the United States. Firstly, student discounts are available everyday of the week. It is about a three euro saving, approximately five dollars. Secondly, the theaters offer a discount on customers’ next movie ticket, which is also another two to three euro savings. In addition, each movie ticket purchase offers a discount to a restaurant. All of which were from Subway. Customers are also granted the opportunity to pick their seats! After picking where I wanted to sit, I noticed that the theater also recognizes dietary restrictions, such as, gluten-free products. There are not many food options to choose to purchase but rather just the basics. However, everything was gluten-free. Once inside the movie room, customers do not have to return to the main area if they need to go to the bathroom because there are bathrooms inside the movie room itself. I appreciated knowing that I would not miss much of the movie while it was playing.

Above all, being days away from returning to my normal lifestyle made me think about what I’ll bring back with me. Most are in regards to foreign exchange students, considering that I was one myself. I will certainly exert more patience with non-native English speakers. I have also realized that pondering about what I should bring back with me also includes habits that will have to stay in Madrid. The most vital habit concerns punctuality. It is not commonly achieved in Madrid and that’s okay. It is actually best to be a bit late than early and it is always expected. I know this would not work well in the United States. I will miss this!


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