Market to Market

Nguyen, Dana; London, England - Market to Market

Colorful houses along Portobello Market

For my second to last day in London my friend Marissa and I explored two different markets for the very last time. The first market we went to was Portobello Market, which is one that I haven’t been to yet. The market was unique in that it was a mix of new little boutiques and pop-up tents selling used, vintage and antique goods. The other thing I loved about Portobello Street was that it was filled with so many vibrant colored houses. We ended up just browsing instead of buying anything, but I actually did grab some noodles with seafood for lunch. One of the most interesting sections there was a square filled with vintage clothing, like fur, leather and lace garments.

At first we were actually only planning on exploring Portobello Market, but the market was smaller than we thought it would be, so we ended up walking throughout the market within two hours. Therefore, we spontaneously decided to visit Camden Market, since Marissa has never been there before.

Beginning today’s journey I was determined to find a cheap black floppy hat that has been on my wish list for so long. I had absolutely no luck at Portobello Market, since they were priced at 15 pounds at every single venue. Once I got to Camden Market they were the exact same price, if not even more expensive. However, I finally had the confidence to haggle a little bit, and I found a venue that lowered the price to 10 pounds. After this Marissa and I visited the large food section for her to grab some lunch, and I ended up trying an Ethiopian Frappuccino.

After this we went home to relax and rest up a bit before going to a local pub for some dinner and drinks with our other friend Tanvi. We went to the Zetland Arms, which is literally a 5-minute walk away. I’ve been wanting to try this pub since the beginning of my trip, but never had the chance to, so what better way to end our journey than coming here? We each had a bottle of hard cider, since it was a cider festival season.

To sum it all up, I can’t believe that tonight’s my second to last night in London, and now I’m literally just counting down the hours. Yesterday I actually spent the time to start packing, and it was surprisingly a lot easier than I thought it would be. It only took me 30 minutes to pack 95% of my clothes, and I still have room in my suitcase for more. Therefore, tomorrow’s last-minute packing will be even easier and quicker. My time in London is winding down and tomorrow I will just be strolling throughout South Kensington for the very last time.

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