Spring is Coming

Our building has been hosting these really cool cooking classes where residents can sign up for one, or all of the classes held by professional chefs. The class we just completed was Kangaroo salad. Here, we learned how to properly cook kangaroo and make a salad to go with it. This was also the first time we got to try kangaroo! It was really good and the way we cooked it made it taste like a steak. Next we are going to be making cumin-rubbed lamb! It’s a lot of fun because you work with other residents living here in the building so you get to meet new people while learning a new skill. It’s been a very popular program here so I hope they hold more classes after the four scheduled are up.

My building is getting us discounted tickets to see Les Miserables here in Sydney. I’m really excited because I’ve never seen it before. We will be able to go as a large group mid-September one night! This building also hosts a lot of other events such as boxing classes, yoga classes, outing events to discover the local area or cultural events such as Latino Dance Party. Living here has been pretty great so far. It is close to campus, the kitchen area is huge and they have lockers down there for you to use to store pots, pans and food. The have a lot of meeting rooms so you can work on group projects and the study room has plenty of seating. The Barbeques and rooftop garden are also great to study or meet up with friends, especially now that it is starting to warm up!

Everyone is very excited for spring and summer here. While winter is not that cold here, (its been around 65-72F here) I’m ready for it to get warm again. Everyone is still in winter coats here still, especially after dark! You can see signs or spring everywhere, more flowers are blooming, (the tree in the Quad is the one I am most excited for) and the allergies are lovely. I’ve never had seasonal allergies before, but here I have been quite sniffly. But I won’t let a few extra tissues get me down for spring! My main concern for this time of year is that it is swooping season… Apparently the magpies are very territorial and protective of their nests during the spring and will swoop at people on the street just walking or cycling in the city. They even have special helmets to protect them from the birds! Hopefully it won’t be too bad!

Jugan, Ashleigh; Sydney, Australia - Spring is Coming - Magpie in the Park

A magpie stalking Mandy and I as we tried to enjoy lunch in the park.

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