Papers and Milkshakes

This week, we discovered a list of 14 milkshakes that you must try in Sydney and have made it our mission to try all of the milkshakes on that list before the end of the term. The first one Mandy and I tried was on our walk back from the Australian Technology Park, which is where we have our Forest Ecosystem class. The café is called Foodcraft Espresso and is located near the Redfern station in Erskineville. It’s a cute little café right off the walking path near the train tracks and has lot of outside seating which is perfect this time of year. The ‘tella shake is not on the menu, but its still one of their top orders. They make you a milkshake using Nutella in a jar and then they take one of their specially baked Nutella balls and put in on top and stick the straw right through it. The Nutella ball is like a dense round donut that has a creamy Nutella filling. It was amazing, whole lot of Nutella. This was definitely a good way to start off the list and we are now very excited to try all the other ones across Sydney.

Jugan, Ashleigh; Sydney, Australia - Papers and Milkshakes

Tonight we are headed to the Redfern Night Markets which runs from 4:30- 9:30 tonight and is celebrating all things vintage! Their will be live swing music, good food and, of course, lots of fun vintage clothes and accessories. Unfortunately, that is the only fun for tonight because it will be back to essay writing when I get home. I have three major papers due over the next two weeks, and that’s what I’ll be spending most of my weekend working on. Monday I have due my term paper for history outline due, next Monday is a research proposal for Australian Biodiversity and that Wednesday is a paper discussing the worth of a particular forest policy for my Forest Ecosystem class. Then that Friday we leave for our weekend field exercise. That Monday I have a midterm for my Astronomy class, so until the 21 of September, I will be very, very busy. At least the week after that is our break week and we will get to explore Melbourne and Adelaide that week! I love all my classes, but I am very much looking forward to a week off just to explore and see more of this amazing country. Only a few more weeks!!!