Work, Work, Work!

This week has been a lot of school work. I just now finished an essay for my history class that is worth 40% of my final grade! I feel like there is much less homework here, but because of that the assignments are worth so much more, meaning you have to make sure you leave yourself enough time to really make it a good submission. Despite all the work, I got to go out with some friends to Pyrmont to get some of best Indian food in the city and it was well worth it! They had a great selection of food and it wasn’t too expensive. It was called Vrindavan and it is just this tiny little place that you wouldn’t expect to be really good just by looking at it. It was definitely a nice break from all the work. Plus, afterwords, we went to Cloud9 Chocolates and I got the Brownie Boy Milkshake! (:

Now that I have finished my history essay, I have to get started right away on my biodiversity research presentation, which I have to give next Tuesday, which is worth 20% of my final grade. Immediately after that I have a paper due in Forest Ecosystem Science that is worth 30% of my final grade in that class. Only three more weeks of classes left! The last week I have a lab exam for my astronomy class and my final for my forestry class will be in class as well. Then we have a study week, which is something I would really appreciate at Drexel. On top of that we have two weeks for finals, so I don’t have three in one day or one everyday. I have one during the first week, one during the second week and my history final will be an online essay due during the finals weeks. Since Nick and I both have our finals around the same dates, we are planning a small trip to the Great Barrier Reef when we don’t have exams. It will only be for four days, but that’s plenty of time to get out of the reef and explore. We are also looking to spend a day explore the rainforests there. Another great plus is that there is a YHA in Cairns as well so at this point, we are YHA experts. This may be our only chance to really see the reef before it is completely destroyed, so we are very excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Jugan, Ashleigh; Sydney, Australia - Work, Work, Work! - Brownie Boy Milkshake

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