Gathering of the Gifts

Only two more weeks of classes! Yesterday I presented my final research poster in my Biodiversity class, so the only thing left in that class is the final now! Since I handed in my history paper, it’s the same case for that class as well! I still have a forestry paper due in two weeks and the final is actually next week during our final class time. For astronomy, I have my lab exam next week and then just the final. Things are coming to a close fast! It’s really great to have so much time to study and have the finals so spread out.

I’ve started going out to the Uni Store and around town to gather all the gifts I have to bring home from Sydney. I’m getting my family a lot of USyd stuff and all my friends something more iconic of Australia. The most popular request is a koala, which of course will be a cute little stuff animal form. Tomorrow I’m going to Paddy’s Market to get all that kind of stuff. They have tons of stalls, that is all basically the same stuff, but its very inexpensive and right in the CBD by central station.

I’m also getting ready for my mom to come a visit! She gets here on Sunday, so I want to have all my work and most of my studying done by then. I don’t have a lot to do and after she leaves I still have two weeks until my finals, but I would just like to stay ahead if possible. She will be here for the week, and unfortunately, it looks like a lot of rain coming up. Hopefully it mostly holds off for the week. The first day she is here is the nicest, so I think we will go to the beach and just relax that day and then after for the rest of the week run around the city see all the sights! I’ve missed my mom a lot, and I’m so happy that she is finally getting a real vacation. It’s also exciting to know the city and know where to go to do all the best parts of Sydney.

Jugan, Ashleigh; Sydney, Australia - uni store

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