Dancing Dragons in London: Cheers for Now!

Our final week in London included many final adventures and re-visits to our favorite sights in the city we have all grown to love so dearly.

Our last class trip was to the only Urban Winery in London, London Cru.


We learned all about the wine-making process and how the grapes come from different countries and are processed into fermented grape juice. Because England’s climate cannot support the growth of grapes, London Cru receives all of their grapes from around Europe, especially Italy and France.

We were able to stand right inside the winery and see all of the machinery and barrels. We learned that wine can ferment naturally in the oak barrels which will give the wine a special oaky flavor, and when the caps are left off the barrel, the yeast from the air slowly ferments the grapes.

After we learned about the process, we were able to try two white wines, a rose, and three reds. We also learned about the differences in making the different types of wine, so then directly tasting how the different methods actually affect the taste was fascinating.



I wanted to wrap up my time in London by revisiting my favorite sights in central London and making one last stop at a museum. I went back to Parliament Square to see Big Ben one last time, and then took the Riverbus down the Thames to Tower Bridge. I walked across the bridge one last time, and Marisela and I reflected on our first walk across the bridge the very first week of being in London.


We realized how much we had been through and how much we had experienced since that first adventure. We also finally got the roasted peanuts that we had wanted to try since our first week abroad.

Then I went into the City of London to visit the Museum of London, which tells the story of London from the Roman Empire all the way up until today.


A Victorian Taxi!

This museum made me fall in love with London all over again; this song from the 40’s captures my love perfectly:


I said my final goodbyes with one last meal of fish and chips.

Leaving London was one of the hardest things I have done, as living in London for two and a half months is one of the best experiences I have had, however, I am so excited to bring all I have learned about myself, the world, and art back to the States and back to my practices at Drexel and beyond. Studying abroad has been the most rewarding experience, and I thank London for having us; Miriam Giguere for making the perfect program; but mostly the eight other dancers who made this experience what it was.

Cheers, London!