Raíces: El Rastro

Qué tal mi gente,

On Sunday, I decided to go to El Rastro, which is an outdoor flea market held on Sunday mornings. It is a popular spot for Madrileños and tourists alike, and is only a few stops from where I live. From what I saw, it only extends on a single street with two sides. It was actually really interesting though. Besides the blatantly counterfeit clothes and apparel that are sold (especially fútbol jerseys), like any other flea market, there were actually some things that were worth buying. I’m glad I went because it is the perfect go-to spot for souvenirs and gifts once it’s time to leave in a few months. It has already been a month since I got here! Wow, time really does fly by when you’re occupied and having fun.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took at El Rastro:


Best way to start off my morning, stopped by El Diamante for this: Churros con chocolate!


Street performer there on the right, not entirely sure what she was going for, but she looked… interesting.



The sellers are on the left and right sides and the people walk through the middle

After speaking with my mama dukes the other day and telling her how much I miss her cooking, she suggested I look for some Dominican restaurants to go to. It was such a simple suggestion, yet I had never thought about it. I am so glad that she had told me that because I went that same day. This is a very bold statement, but I mean when I say that it was the best Dominican food I have ever eaten (outside of home). I’ve had my fair share of delicious Dominican food, but nothing compares to the taste of the food, cleanliness and overall good vibes from La Casa del Mofongo. It’s located in the Cuatro Caminos barrio, which is full of Dominicans. There are Dominican barbershops also, which I am in desperate need of. I haven’t gotten an actual haircut in a month! I felt at home around there. Here’s what I got at the restaurant:


Moro (seasoned rice) de gandules (green pigeon peas) con pechuga de pollo (chicken breast) y tostones (fried plantains)

Tomorrow, on Saturday, I will be going on my second trip with CityLife to Aranjuez y Chinchón. Stay tuned next Tuesday for my post on how it went!

Hasta luego,



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