Cachai?: Cena Internacional

Hola amigos! This weekend I could not really do anything fun since I have 2 exams this week which I really need to study for. Although most of this weekend was far from exciting and was mostly just studying, we did have a small “international dinner” (“cena internacional”) the past Friday at my residency. Everyone was tasked to make something from their country and I was at a loss since there is not really much food that is originally from the US. Furthermore, there about 30 or more people in the residency and to make something to feed everyone would be extremely difficult. On top of that, I did not want to dish out a lot of money at the supermarket on buying ingredients and supplies, so I thought of something simple to make for everyone.

Since everyone was serving food, I thought it would be creative to bring something different to the table: a cookies-and-cream milkshake. Though I have no idea if milkshakes are an American invention (and I doubt it is), but a majority of “American” food is not really from the United States. I was considering make a cheesesteak, but serving about 30+ would be a lot of work and money. Thus, I stuck with the cookies-and-cream milkshake and luckily, everyone loved it.

All the food that day was soooooo delicious. There was gazpacho, crepes, empanadas, several different casseroles, truffles, someone brought a case of beer, and there was much more food. It was all gone by the next day.

Perez, Anthony; Chile - Cachai Cena Internacional (1) Perez, Anthony; Chile - Cachai Cena Internacional (2)
Perez, Anthony; Chile - Cachai Cena Internacional (3)

It is days like this that is going to make me miss the people here in Fentastic. It is very bittersweet in a way. I miss all my friends and family back home, but at the same time, I do not want to leave Chile. This may be the only time I am ever in this country and makes me want to cherish my time here even more. I have really bonded with the people here since I have first arrived. It went from me being stuck in my room all the time since I was a little shy to get to know everyone, to almost always having my room bombarded by friends and constantly being invited to events. Anyways, let’s not think about the end just yet. I still have until December.

Adios amigos and see you next time.