I’ve Been so Busy! Here’s Why

It’s been 19 days since I last checked in and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I should have written at least five days ago but I’ve been a busy, busy bee. Sorry about that and to make it up to you, I’ve compiled a list of all the stuff I’ve done here thus far:

(Disclaimer: there’s going to be a few pictures)


Hot chocolate after a longg day of shopping.

  1. Discovered Nosh, a quaint, coffee shop in the city. I’ve kinda been going there a lot and haven’t spent more than 5 pounds for a full English breakfast! If you were ever to go there, I’d recommend an English muffin with eggs and sausages with a cup of hot chocolate.

Oxford Street!

2. Went to London for a weekend. I took a coach(like megabus but comfier) and got to London within 4 hours. The next day I went shopping on the very popular Oxford street and then went to the natural History museum . Ironically the NFL was having some event that day . I should have taken a picture but I completely forgot.


I already forgot what the name of this dinosaur is *sigh*

To get around London, I literally had to learn how to use the transport system in a day. Which was pretty easy by the way; trains came almost every 3 minutes for every tube line I had to take and the maps were very useful. It did get jam-packed pretty quickly though, especially during afternoons.


Using the tube. It was really hard to get a better picture.

3. Turned 20 years old. Yep, I turned 20 just a few days a go and it was a birthday I really enjoyed. A few friends and I went for dinner at Cosmo, which is this fancy buffet place in Sheffield’s city centre then we went for drinks at Revolución de Cuba(a cuban-themed bar). It was a really awesome night and I was so tired by the time I got back home.

4. Studied hard and caught up on my coursework. School here is a lot slower than in the US so there’s a tendency to think you have all the time to catch up. I quickly learned that although I had a lot more free time, I still had a lot of work to do. Luckily, I was able to finish my 1500 word essay just in time and do all my readings.


5. Found a bubble tea place in the Student Union. Because who doesn’t like Bubble tea!