Raíces: Andalucía Part I

Hola todos,

School is starting to pick up with the workload with midterms quickly approaching. I have an exam next Thursday for Spanish Language History, on Friday for Communication Theory and a four-page paper due for my Novel class in three weeks! The communication class requires A LOT of analysis. At times, it feels a bit excessive but that’s just the nature of the class content. It does make it easier that it’s primarily in English though. We extensively analyze and apply a lot of theories to different communicative acts. The class environment is fun though. I enjoy it. I’m not too worried about my other classes because of my proficiency with Spanish and high stress threshold because of the fast-paced, 10-week terms at Drexel. So far so good!

This weekend I am on a trip to Andalucía, which is in the southern part of Spain. I did not go with City Life this time. I decided to go with Be Madrid, a similar organization, because it includes the entrance to the Alhambra in Granada on Sunday. First stop today was at Córdoba. Like Toledo, it is a city rich with signification and importance to Spain’s history. The second biggest mosque in Europe is located here. At the time of its creation in the 8th century by the Arabs, it was the most important holy site for Muslims, especially in Spain. After the Christian reconquest, it was converted into a Cathedral. It has very interesting architecture on the inside and a blend of different styles from the various periods. Most of the pictures I took in this city are of the inside of the Mosque-Cathedral.  Enjoy!

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