I left my heart in Czech Republic

I left my heart in Czech Republic.img_9216 If I could recommend anywhere for you to visit (obviously other than Florence) it would be Prague. There is so much to see and do in this city and two days was not enough. My friends and I took a tour with Bus2alps to Oktoberfest and Prague for the weekend which left at 9pm on Thursday and got us to Prague very early on Friday morning.Our first stop was obviously the hotel where we had a half an hour or so to freshen up and get ready for the full day ahead. We had a hilarious tour guide who introduced himself by starting in an accent and apologizing for his lack of English skills. Everyone looked at each other super nervous that he was serious and wondering what we’d gotten ourselves into until he laughed and introduced himself as Isaac, from a quaint little Mexican city called Los Angeles.


img_9242We walked around Old Town and New Town and the Jewish Quarter. Each church was more exquisite than the next, we got to stand in front of the huge old Astronomical Clock in the middle of the square and watch the whole thing move and mark the hour. Being in the Jewish Quarter was most important for me because he explained how many people passed away and how the city was completely remade except for the synagogue which was a religious monument. The Old-New Synagogue, which is Europe’s oldest working synagogue. We ended up going back to the Quarter to go through the exhibit and see the Hebrew Cemetery and the photographs of the drawings created by children during the holocaust.

img_9226Once we separated from the group, we decided to get some authentic Czech food and ate one of theimg_9265 best meals I’ve had while I’ve been abroad. It was a mix of potatoes, gravy, meat, and bread.We finished the meal with a chocolate cake that could cure any sad day and made our way back to the hotel to freshen up before we went out. The company took us to an underground bar that was inside of a cave and to Lucerna which was an 80’s and 90’s pop video dance club. Each of these venues were so fun and we danced the night away.

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