Oktoberfest in September???

img_9602The morning of Oktoberfest was very quick and filled with little sleep. Once we got on the bus we took as long as a nap as we could, knowing the day was going to be filled withimg_9638activities. The first stop when we got to Munich was to find Brittany a dirndl because it was very important to be a part of the new culture. As soon as we got off the bus, we were already running late and we didn’t think we would have enough time to do both but on the way we found a shop where I bought a flower crown to fit in too 🙂

img_9680The journey to Oktoberfest was probably the most exciting 15 minute walk/jog. We didn’t know what we were in for, but walking in the streets of Munich you could see families wearing their typical clothing for the occasion and everyone was very excited for the day. Once we went through the gates, we were inspected and were instantly greeted with hundreds of little shops and huge rides like an amusement park. All of the tents were little wooden restaurants set up with new people and new adventures. We ended up in the Hofbrau tent with a friend that we met on our tour and we all sat down in the back to enjoy the music and the experience. The first thing I did was order a huge plate of the typical food (more chicken and potatoes) and we ordered our only beer of the day (it was bigger than my face). IF YOU ARE IN EUROPE DURING THE END OF SEPTEMBER, GO TOimg_9650OKTOBERFEST. Once we finished our food we just took it all in. Everyone was dancing and singing and laughing, we met a group of people from Philadelphia (yes I know, very ironic) and every photo we took meant meeting new faces. Although we only had a few hours at Oktoberfest, I was able to walk around the grounds and see people from around the world come together for a fun day. Even though it was pouring rain outside, the cheering never stopped.

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