Wrong Lecture: IP Laws and Copyright

It was the day after my birthday(Happy Birthday to me!) and I was still feeling disoriented after a night of dancing. On Thursdays, I have a history lecture that starts at 1pm and ends at 2pm. Somehow I misread my calendar and thought my class was starting at 2pm instead.

My feet were still tired when I dragged myself out of bed at 1pm for a quick shower and brunch and made a brisk ten minute walk to the campus. The lecture was at the gorgeous refurbished church called St George’s(shown in my featured image). I sat in the front part of the hall, right in front of this new lecturer. The new lecturer should have been my first clue but you see, the lecture had had three previously different lecturers before. I thought he was just another new one. It didn’t occur to me that I was in the wrong class until 10 minutes into the lecture when he started talking about registering for exam-related stuff (which my module didn’t have at all).

Alas, I was too scared to leave because he seemed so scary! To stop the class from murmuring, he basically got into this long-winded conversation about how this was a waste of time for everyone in the hall, especially him. So I stuck through the lecture  because of that, and also because I was embarrassed I went to the wrong lecture.

On the bright side, I actually learned a whole lot about IP laws and copyright. I remember him talking about the importance of information in the new world and how we should be very careful how we share it. Information is literally power, now more than ever. And a huge part to maintaining success in such a competitive age is keeping our secrets, secret.

If there is any lesson from this story, it should be that you can make mistakes and still learn something valuable from them. I’m somebody who had a fear of making mistakes but I am learning to see them as a time to learn from, even if they do hurt. And that you should definitely study at the University of Sheffield if you have the chance. It’s a beautiful campus with lots of fun lectures going on! I now plan on popping into this lecture once in a while. I don’t think the professor will mind or care.


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