Holidays in Europe

One of the greatest perks of being in Europe during the Holidays is being able to take advantage of the Christmas Markets!

Vienna offered decorated halls, bright lights, a huge Christmas tree, warm mugs, and much more. The market was definitely one of the biggest I’ve ever been to. Lucky for us, we happen to be in Vienna on the first day the Christmas Market opened. The aura was magical. Surrounded by crisp air, we were drawn in by each stand offering fresh goods, warm sausages, and more. We indulged in a breadbowl the size of my head that was filled with warm soup.

Tran Victoria; France - Holidays in Europe 1

Budapest was another spot that was filled with Christmas cheer. Located on the western side of the city, the market we visited traveled along “fashion street” before centering in the town square. With a well lit tree to mark the season, the decorations in Budapest were mesmerizing. Here, we indulged in the local delicacies. Again, more foods the size of my head. The potato pancakes were to die for.

Tran Victoria; France - Holidays in Europe 2

Tran Victoria; France - Holidays in Europe 3

If you’re ever in Europe for the Holidays, I highly recommend visiting as many Christmas markets as humanly possible.

More to come.


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