Milan Fashion Week (Part II)


The next morning, we started at the Monumentale, which was a huge cemetery in Milan. Even though cemeteries are usually very eerie, this one was more of a monumental place. All of the graves were huge and held most of the family so you could see the lineage from where it began hundreds of years ago, until now. What I loved most about the place was thatIMG_0243.jpgthere was a little corner for all of the Jewish people who died and were buried in Milan. A lot of them had general names that we would see now like Rosenbalm and Goldstein but there were some that were married into Italian families which I thought was so interesting. We walked around theIMG_0248.jpgcity afterwards and found the Chinatown where we got Italianized Chinese food. Through the city there are so many different little parks where we got snacks and sat enjoying the people walking around us. We ended up finding a group of people dancing Capoeira and watched the dancing for a while. Our self guided tour led us to Castello Sforzesco where we saw a statue by Michelangelo and got in for free after 4:30!

IMG_0396.jpgWhen we were waiting in line we found out that one of our favorite models Gigi Hadid was making an appearance at the Tommy Hilfiger Flagship store to launch her new line. As soon as we finished with the exhibit, we made our way and waited outside the store for an hour or so until she arrived. She arrived right when she said she would and was swarmed by fans as she made her way into the store for a while before getting into her car and leaving. It was a weirdIMG_0271.jpg experience to see someone in person after only seeing them on screen and in magazines. The girl was swarmed by people and the day before had been assaulted by someone in Italy because they got way too close to her and she stood up for herself. After she left about 100 girls ran after her car to try and figure out where she was going next (we went the opposite way) and made our way to the center where all the stores and restaurants were. Lucky for me, this is where we found a street of fortune tellers and I got my fortune told in front of my friends (IN ITALIAN!). Basically, I should continue doing what I have been and everything will fall into place. The person I am meant to be with will find me and I will end up having twin boys!

IMG_0333.jpgIf you couldn’t think of anything better, the night was probably the best of my entire life. We were walking down a long street where there were so many intricate window displays for the fall and we ended up stopping in front of Dolce and Gabbana and saw that it was open so we walked in and kept going into the biggest storefront I’ve ever been in. This store had an escalator to another level and we were immediately welcomed into A D&G FITTING FORIMG_6566.jpg THE FASHION SHOW THE NEXT DAY. Everyone there was waiting to be fitted into their own dolce and gabbana dress for the event. We watched as women walked out in their huge puffy floral heart shaped gowns and triedIMG_6520.jpgon shoes only fit for cinderella. I still to this day don’t understand how they let us in but we were served drinks in potion bottles and men walked around with food on trays in tuxes. Now I know that this sounds so cheesy because we were only in there for like 30 minutes but it made me realize how happy I am to be in the industry I am in and to be so close to my dream. Walking into that store made me very excited for the future when I will be in those changing rooms wearing designers works before I go to their show to buy their clothing.

IMG_0394.jpgSo, advice from this entry? Make sure that once you decide where you’re going, you choose to do things that follow your interests for your future. Going to Milan Fashion Week reassured me that this is the industry I want to be in. Since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with dressing up and following fashion magazines. Watching professionals be dolled up and go into fashion shows for a living with the rush of seeing who wore what and how was my favorite part.