Cachai?: Cena Internacional Parte 2!

Hello amigos once again. In my previous post I was speaking about how right after the beach when I got back, I would be making it in time for the large Cena Internacional (International Dinner) at my residency. Luckily, the when my friends and I got back from the beach and I made it to my building, it was about 8PM so I had about an hour to finish my portion of the dinner and join everyone in the party.

Since everyone was making actual dinner food and there was not much desert (plus I only had about an hour to make something) I decided to make my famous oreo milkshakes again..this time with a slight twist. I bought about 2 large bowls of cookies & cream ice cream, 2 packets oreos, whip cream, 3 cartons of milk and vanilla extract. Meanwhile every was making their dish, we decided to do the mannequin challenge which we were planning to do for a long time. However we did it all in one take so I am really nervous that we were moving a lot in the video.Seriously though, who knew staying still would be so difficult.

Anyways, once everyone was done with their dish (me falling slightly behind) we brought everything to the lounge area of the 3rd floor.

We had Spanish pastries (as in from Spain), cake with a variety of fruit on it, chorillana (practicaally hotdogs but with thicker sausages and shorter buns), fruit with ham (a specialty from Spain supposedly), curry, lasagna, bread with tomato paste and cheese, meatballs and mayonnaise dip, sangria (a Spanish drink which consists of red wine with cut-up pieces of fruit in it), beer, crepes, and my oreo milkshakes.

The whole night was endless singing and dancing, laughing, drinking and eating and having a great time. We were so loud that our neighbor in the building next to us angrily knocked on our residency door several times. Regardless, we continued on with the party while trying to turn it down a bit for the sake of not ending the night. We had a Secret Santa (though they call it “amigo invisible”/”invisible friend” here) portion of the party where, before, we had all randomly assigned people of residency someone in the building that they had to get a gift for. I had my friend Quique who is a big fan of Game of Thrones so I bought him a POP figure of a character from the series. My Secret Santa got me a plaque with images of woman and man dancing the traditional chilean dance “cueca.” After the gifts were all opened, my friends and I also had secretly conjured up a video containing photos of various people in the residency. We had hoped to show the video to end night on a bittersweet note with a bunch of memories of the fun times we had together; however, the video did not work as well as we had hoped. So, we just ended up showing off a large gallery of photos with music in the background and still kind of managed to have the same effect. It definitely was a great portion to the party and allowed us all to reminisce.

We all made a toast to various different people at the residency, but at the end the biggest toast was to all of here in Fentastic since we really did bond together like one big loving family. I have met various amazing people that I will never forget and I hope that somewhere in the future I am able to cross paths with them again.