Reading Week Woes

My picture is from London’s West End. I can’t believe it’s almost christmas!

When I first checked my syllabi for three of my four modules here at the University of Sheffield, I realized there was such a thing as a reading week; a week where the departments do not have any classes and is supposed to be used to catch up on readings and essays. I said supposed to because most people just use reading weeks to travel.

I did travel for the weekend and used the opportunity to go the British museum. However, I came right back for the week to work on my essays; I had an essay to write for each of my history classes and both were due on the same day (November 5th). These classes, although very interesting, have a lot of work involved in them. There’s readings you have to do (and none of them are ever short), seminars you’re required to go for etc.

I worked really hard to get both essays done on time. I did a lot of wide reading, watched several documentaries on the subject matters of the essays. I even learned how to annotate in MLA format (which is actually a pain in the ass, excuse my language). And what were my results? A second-class lower (a C) and a third (a D).

I was initially very sad about the grades but then I remembered they weren’t going to affect my GPA back home. All that was important was that I put my very best into writing them. I quickly learned it was hard to meet up with people who had been writing extensive history essays since at least A-levels and maybe even before.

As my trip winds down to an end, I can’t help but be thankful for the opportunity that I’ve had to go abroad. For the friends I’ve made here, for the opportunity to reset and come back to Drexel University refreshed; for being able to reconnect with family. For the little life lessons I’ve been able to learn here (which I’ll share in my next post). I’m also very grateful that all I need to do is pass these courses for them to transfer!

I hope everyone who decides to study abroad will have as much and even more fun as I’m having now. But remember, time doth pass by quickly so make the best of your experience.