It’s about that time of the year: Finals are coming! It’s bittersweet feeling. It means I have to take finals and leave Madrid, which is the bitter part, but it also means I get to go back home to my loved ones! First thing’s first, I have to get through these finals. Luckily, my grades have been great, despite all of my time spent traveling. There is no doubt in my mind that I will get at least a C in all of my classes. Well, maybe one class, but there’s always that one class every term. That one class this term is in the Spanish studies class. I just can’t seem to garner enough interest in it to even want to study. I am just not a good fit for that class and that professor’s learning style. That class has singlehandedly made me reconsider my minor in Spanish. It involves a lot of dissection into the composition of Spanish, but me being a native speaker has diluted a lot of the need and utilization of the class’ content. I know I’ll get through the exam as long as I study.

From my experience, exams aren’t too bad here. The grading has been fair overall and the exams haven’t been unnecessarily difficult. Knowing Spanish obviously helps. So far this week, I had a presentation and co-op interview on Monday, had an essay due and co-op interview today, have an exam and interview tomorrow and another exam on Thursday. The last exam I have is Tuesday the 20th for COM. I was planning on taking it tomorrow and changing my flight to this Friday, but it didn’t work out. It’s just way too expensive. Word of advice: don’t buy your return flight before leaving! The only advantage to that is saving money, but you never know if you’ll want to leave earlier and end up paying more to  change your flight. I’ve made it four months though. Another two weeks should be manageable. Just gotta make the most of it. So while all of you are done for the term, be thankful. I still have a couple of long weeks ahead of me.


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