A taste of the Studying Abroad Life

Hello People, my name is Natalia Noriega. I’m an international Materials Science and Engineering Student originally from Mexico studying abroad in Lyon, France. I’ve been asked to share my experience so I decided to start bombarding you with some pictures to show you how I’m living my Study Abroad experience. (Pardon me if my English writing is not the best, I swear my French is improving)

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 1

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 2

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 3

During my first weekend having met only my classmates, I got invited to spend a day hiking in Chamrousse, a village two hours away from Lyon. I was wordless by the amazing place we were hiking through. My new friends, did not have a map or any idea of what the rute looked like however we made it through the day communicating in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 4

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 5

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 6

One of the first trips I made was going to Paris and visiting a friend. I was actually really lucky because what you are looking behind us in the right picture is the Fashion Week Show. That weekend was also the first Sunday of the month so all museums were FREE!

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 7

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 8

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 9

The pictures above are from Annecy, a very pretty village that I visited with some italian friends. It is surprising how close Italian and Spanish are!

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 10

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 11

Noriega, Natalia- Lyon, France; 12

Haven’t been homesick yet.. you know why? Because I got to travel for almost two weeks with another #DRAGONABROAD! Rachel was my roomate at Drexel and now she is studying abroad in Madrid. We had a great time, eating tapas, enjoying the music and watching Flamenco. It was my first time in Spain and I loved it, she was a great tourist guide.

But hey! the word STUDY in “study abroad experience” I as well take it as seriously as ABROAD EXPERIENCE. To be honest taking a class in a different language is not that easy, Even though English is not my first language (as you probably have noticed) I did study it for longer than I have for French. I’ve been having to dedicate more time during my afternoons to make sure I understand all the content but it’s worth it. Whenever I have a doubt everyone is willing to help, professors have provided me books in English, offered extra help and my classmates as well!

I promise my next posts will be shorter! I just wanted to introduce myself and show you what it’s been like in my last 3 months. Thanks for reading and just an advice… START APPLYING FOR STUDY ABROAD! I swear you won’t regret it.

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