cafés & school trips

IMG_0893.JPGIMG_0912.JPGNow that we are back in Florence for a few weeks, I have made it my mission to find the perfect study spot in between classes. There are a bunch of cafes along the street where Accademia is, but some are better suited for working. Because my computer has been broken, I have to work somewhere with a plug and working wifi. My favorite spot is JT Cafe but we found a small place called Mama’s Bakery around the corner from our home with good seating. Before one of our field trips, we came across a cute little cafe with tiramisu!


IMG_1026.JPGFor my roommate’s birthday, we decided to surprise her by seeing the Jan Fabre exhibit at the top of Florence with an incredible view of the city. The exhibit held many sculptures and we were able to see the master behind the sculpture in the piazza della Signoria. IMG_0882.JPGOur school took us to Siena and San Gimignano this weekend and I was able to learn more about the culture that both of the small cities had to offer.
What I loved most was the duomo in Siena which had many colors and details unlike any other church I had been in.


IMG_1123.JPGSan Gimignano was beautiful in its own way as well, it is surrounded with greens and vineyards and had a small town feel to the surrounding area. Siena has a huge center for music and has a history of horse races
img_1153between families that goes back centuries. The food in Siena was unlike any other, I was able to try the Picci which is typical pasta (very thick) and one of my favorites throughout my entire abroad experience.


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