HK: Status Update

Random tidbit, the WiFi in Hall 10 and 11 is terrible. I had to move to the common room to upload the pictures I took in Vietnam for my previous post. Also today marks the end of my first two months in Hong Kong. Yay me!

Earlier this week, I finally got my hair dyed. My hair previously was a brassy blond which was leftover from when I tried to get gray hair. I’ve been overdue for a visit to the hair salon and I finally forced myself to make an appointment. The place where I got my hair colored is in Mongkok and its called Mr. Hair. Compared to the prices in the Philadelphia, it cost half of what I would have had to pay. Also tipping is not really a thing in Asia which saved me a few more dollars. If you need a hair cut or color, I highly recommend Mr. Hair. My stylist was super nice and gave me advice on what the best color for me would be which ended up being a midnight blue which I am absolutely in love with. The location is also super convenient, take the MTR to Mongkok and get off at Exit D. It was only a 6 minute walk from there.


The next day, some friends and I went on a hike at Ma Oh Shan. The difficulty level was 4.5/5 according to a website we found online and it felt that difficult if not more. I would say that it was one of the most scariest hikes I have ever been attempted. It took somewhere between 5 to 6 hours total and each of those were hell. At one point, it was more rock climbing than hiking. There were also several signs warning hikers against going past it. As you can guess, we ignored all of them…

One thing about hiking in Hong Kong is that after a while, the view stays the same and only the altitude changes. If you are not an outdoorsy person, I would advise trying the easier trails before attempting Ma Oh Shan. At one point, I was just sliding my butt down certain parts on the way down.


My legs were shaking and I’m sure my expression reflected it


Higher up than the skyscrapers


Same mountain, different height


I was very jealous of the people paragliding at one point

We later learned that there’s another hiking trail that lasts for 11 to 12 hours. I will be “sick” that day if my friends ever decide to go.

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