HK: Journey to the North

On Monday, my friend and I went on a spontaneous hiking trip to Kam Shan Country Park which is a easy to medium hiking trail. It is actually really close to Lion Rock which is a popular that is a little harder. Another name for it is “Monkey Hill” since there are a ton of monkeys that live near the base of the trail. According to Wikipedia, the monkeys are descendants of monkeys that were released by pet owners in the 1920’s.

Kam Shan Country Park is north of where CityU is hence the title. To get to the base of the hiking trail, we took the Kwun Tong Line to the Prince Edward Station where we then took a bus to Shek Lei Pui Reservoir. The bus stop along already had a bunch of monkeys and monkey poop. There was even one that resembled the poop emoji which I found amusing.

Since we were not looking for an intense hike, my friend and I mostly followed the trail labeled as “Family Walk”. I saw mostly because we ended up walking in whichever direction that looked promising. We came across a picnic area that looked like it was taken over by the monkeys. We took a bunch of pictures and tried to get as close as we could before we got scared and ran off. One of my friends that I met told us how her roommate and the group she went with got attacked by the monkeys when they stopped to eat. We did not want that to be us so we stayed a health distance away.


The hike took approximately 2 hours. After a while, there was nothing new to see since it was the same view repeatedly.

We then decided to go to Mong Kok to get a smoothie from BanaBana. There we got to customize our drinks by putting capsules corresponding to the ingredients we want into a little rocket that was then taken to the cashier where we paid for our drink. The drink itself wasn’t anything special but the experience and aesthetics made up for it.

To conclude the day, my friend and I got dinner at Sea View Congee which is not far from the smoothie place. We each ordered a bowl of congee and shared a serving of jia leung. Jia leung is best described as fried Chinese dough (otherwise known as youtaio) that is wrapped in a rice roll and served with soy sauce.  It was really good and I highly recommend this place.

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