HK: All Play and No Work

Instead of going clubbing and drinking this weekend, my friends and I decided to switch it up. On Friday night, we got dinner at Butao which is a ramen place located in Tsim Sha Tsui. The way it works is that once you are seated, they hand you a menu with options on how to customize your ramen. Categories include strength of the broth, oil level, spice and what kind of noodles you want. We had the original Butao ramen previously so this time we all decided to get the Black King ramen. The broth is made with squid ink so it is pitch black hence the name. The servers will also hand you a napkin if you order the Black King ramen to tuck under your shirt. Trust me, it gets messy.


I personally prefer this over the original ramen that they offer. The broth is just so much more rich in flavor. If you do end up ordering this, I recommend checking your teeth.

After dinner, we went to play bowling at this place called Thunder Dome in Whampoa. When I say I am terrible at it, I am not being modest. Below is the final score of everyone, I think it’s clear which score belongs to me…


It was $40 HKD per person for each game at night and shoe rentals were $12 HKD. They also have an option to rent by the lane which is $220 HKD for one hour so if you are going with more than three people, this might be the more affordable option.

On Saturday, we hopped on the East Rail Line to Tai Wai where we each rented a bicycle for $80 HKD each and biked along a trail. It’s been a really long time since I rode a bike and it was really nice way to see a different side of Hong Kong. The biking trail took about two to three hours and it was a relatively flat trail. The only complication we had was getting from our original trail to Tai Mei Tuk which is the end point and also where you can return the bikes.

If you want more information on how to get to the rental shop and how it works, this link is super informative:

To conclude the day, we each went back to our respective halls, made dinner and were basically useless couch potatoes. Sunday was spent catching up on homework to compensate for all the time that we didn’t do anything productive, haha.

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