HK: Playing Tour Guide Pt.1

For one of the classes I am taking, we are required to visit the HK Sex Culture Festival. The topic this year was on sex and how it is tied to sports. The festival was hosted at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre which is in Shek Kip Mei and located right next to the Hong Kong Baptist University. It was a pretty small exhibit and everything was in Chinese but it was still a fun experience.

Below the HK Sex Culture Festival was another exhibit on class Hong Kong movie stars. This was also very small but much more interactive. They had free kiosks that dispensed cards with Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese movie stars and singers. We also got free lemon tea and pastries [that were made by reporters I think???]. It was also just very nostalgic recognizing faces that I saw on TV as a kid.

I had to hurry back to the campus though since I was picking up my boyfriend at the airport. Since it is spring break back at Drexel University, he decided to visit me in Hong Kong for 10 days. Woohoo!

To get to the airport from student residence, take the E22 bus which is only a few minutes away and it will take you directly to the airport for only $18 HKD. We rented an Airbnb in Sham Shui Po to make things easier. It is really cool because I haven’t really had the chance to explore this neighborhood. For dinner, my friend took us to this Indonesian restaurant nearby that she recommended. It is called Amin Restaurant and was fantastic. I can’t tell you what we ordered but here are pictures.

After that, we stumbled on a Michelin Star soup dumpling restaurant. We had the original and the shrimp soup dumpling. Make sure to have napkins ready if you do decide to come here. We made a mess eating it but it was worth it.

We finished the night with some desserts at Luk Lam Dessert. We ordered two items. (1) this tofu pudding with red bean and a scoop of taro ice cream and (2) durian ice cream with red bean, mini tangyuan balls and grass jelly. I think the perfect order would be the first dish but with durian ice cream instead. The ice cream would be a good way to try the flavor but without the pungent smell that many people do not like.

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