HK: Playing Tour Guide Pt.2

One of the nice things besides the fact that I get to see my boyfriend after two and a half months is playing tour guide. After a while of living in Hong Kong, I developed a routine and would go to the same places over and over. If I did not go to canteen, I would either cook or go to McDonald’s. This has given me the opportunity to try new places but also revisit some of my favorite restaurants.

For today, I planned to show my boyfriend around Mong Kok. We got breakfast at Dimdimsum which is one of the three most well known dim sum places which include One Dim Sum and Tim Ho Wan. We ordered a bunch of dim sum but there were two main dishes that stood out. It was the rice roll sheet with crispy shrimp inside and the custard bun. Overall, One Dim Sum is still my favorite but this place definitely beats Tim Ho Wan.

One of the things that I have been looking forward to doing and miss from Japan are the photo booths also known as “purikura”. These are not the same as regular photo booths, instead they alter your appearances slightly to make you look cuter and you get to decorate the pictures with stickers at the end. The place we went to was in the basement of the King Wah Centre. There were so many booths to choose from and I just ended up choosing one randomly. It’s honestly so very stressful since everything is in Japanese and timed but I highly recommend you try it out.

After that, we walked around the Ladies Market where we bargained for some souvenirs, the Argyle Centre and the Goldfish Market which is basically a street with a bunch of pet stores that have a variety of animals.

Throughout our time in Mong Kok, I introduced my boyfriend to coconut milk at King of Coconut and eggettes. I’ve tried many eggette places but my favorite is the one right next to King of Coconut. The other places I went to were good but the flavor was simply too subtle.

Our final destination was Goobne Chicken which is a popular Korean restaurant. Their specialty is oven roasted fried chicken. We ordered that and this noodle dish that was too spicy for me. We had to keep flagging the servers for more water and napkins. Overall, this place was good but not worth the price.