Melbourne Has the Craziest Weather, Sorry Philly

Before I launch into why I named my titled the way I did, I have to explain one thing. For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere that are headed into winter and much colder weather, you have to remember that, because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, they are actually transitioning into Summer. So, while Buzzfeed is writing new quizzes about what type of bread you are based on your picks of fall leaves, Melbourne temperature is hitting the nineties. While this is nice because I love summer, it’s going to be tough when it’s time to go back because I’ll be travelling from hot summer to a place that is ready to snow. Talk about whiplash.

So, why did I come to the conclusion that Melbourne has the crazier weather? Trust me, I didn’t want to admit it, but it is true.

Not only did we have a period of time where one day the temperature would be in the fifties and then the next day in the seventies or eighties, but we are now in a period of time when weather will change drastically during the day. For example, I walked into Collarts during a hot, dry day where I was sweating like crazy. The sun was out, birds were chirping, and there was not a cloud in sight. Cut to me walking back half an hour later, and the skies just open up. The rain begins to pour heavier than I have ever seen it pour before. Walking home was basically like taking a shower and then…cue the thunder and lighting.

At the same time I was walking home, my roommate was grocery shopping. She walked inside the store when the day was beautiful, and walked out twenty minutes later, confused as to just how the day was able to change so quickly.

There have been quite a few days that were similar to that one, but that one was what really made me decide that Melbourne was the ultimate champion.

But, don’t fret, Philly still owns a bunch of titles in my heart. For example, Philly is still one of the windiest cities I have ever been in, as well as one of the most humid in the summertime. Also, Philly is the city that has my heart and, despite my time here, I don’t think Melbourne could ever take that place.


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