Hanyang University School Festival Part 2

Day 2 of the festival was the biggest day, as pop group Black Pink with millions of fans was coming to our university. Right after class, my friends went to explore the festival a little and discovered some booths here and there that gave out free things, such as Starbucks drinks, candy, and so on, if you complied with whatever advertisements they were endorsing. There was also this one fun booth where you could donate 1,000 won to put your nickname in a pool of other nicknames and to pull another one out. Each nickname had a phone number attached and I thought that was a pretty cool way to meet new people.

Anyway, after exploring a little, we went down to the stage area to claim our seats. It was 5pm and was quite early because Black Pink wouldn’t be coming down for another few hours but it was necessary because the sitting area gets crowded really quick, as even people from other schools travel just to see certain musicians. Surprisingly, we weren’t left bored because they had a gaming tournament set up in the few hours before the concert was supposed to start. There was some racing game earlier that I have never really heard of. And then a team of 10 from 8 different schools (total 80) came together to participate in 3 rounds of Playerunknown’s Battleground. It was streamed and by this time, the crowd was building so every time someone won there was a lot of cheering which was fun.


Later, we got to see DPR Live (who’s somewhat famous in America as a Korean rapper) and then the main stage, Black Pink.



The next day, my friends and I weren’t really interested in watching ANOTHER concert so we decided to visit some of our Korean friends from the Korean club at their booth. On the way there, we were fortunate enough to catch front row seats to the finale fireworks that were set off from the school building behind the amphitheater.


It was cool to see some clubs even have some themes, like students dressing up in Harry Potter costumes. Our friends’ booth was located in the track and field area and sold things like Korean pancakes, ramyeon, cocktails, and nachos. Through the generosity of our friend, we kept getting a lot of service (as in, a lot of the food was free).

And that concludes our Hanyang University school festival! It was an especially fun week and I don’t think I’ll be able to experience anything like this ever again.

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