World Cup and End of the Semester

Hello, this will probably be my last time checking in! It is currently day 2 of finals week and I will be catching a flight back to America in 3 days. Because this Hanyang semester ends just the week before summer term of Drexel starts, which is Monday, I won’t be able to document my last few days here. It also makes for a disappointing way to end a semester abroad since I’ll only have one evening free, after my last final, to spend my last day in Korea. Since it can’t be helped, I’ll be mentioning in this post today what I’ve been up to for the last few days and what I will be up to in the next few days.

The World Cup started almost a week ago and Korea’s team has made it to the top few! Every time they are on, it turns into a big event in Korea. According to my friends, they have held a viewing event by one of the palaces, inviting people to bring their picnic gear and watch together as a nation when Korea played yesterday against Sweden. I had to opt out because I had one of my many finals the next morning. However, determined to watch the game, we realized that classrooms in Korea are generally open all night for students to study in. Taking this to our advantage, we went into the international building, found an open room and projector, and watched the game while doing our work! This was the best option not only because it was more comfortable, but because all the bars in Wangsimri, which were of course broadcasting the game as well, were filled to the brim.

That was yesterday, and today we all had to study again. Because of finals, it’s been a bit boring so I don’t have many images to share. We went to a cafe called Mansfield, which is right at the intersection in front of Wangsimri, to study. It had plenty of space, which was great since we had 8 people in total, making it a fairly decent location to study at. And tonight, we went back to the same classroom to watch more of the World Cup while studying which is where I am currently typing this post.

My last final is on Thusday, and all students in Roseville and Smartville are required to move out by Friday 2pm, which is why most residents scheduled their flight on that day, regardless of whether they have to go back like I do, for school. If you decide to go spring term and have extra time, I recommend waiting to schedule your flight home to see if it’s possible for you to rent an AirBnB and stay longer. It would require a fee otherwise to change your flight date. Thursday is the last day of the semester so our plans are to celebrate by eating Korean barbeque and all other foods until we get sick enough that we won’t miss it until the next time.

And this is the end of my journey! Thank you everyone for following my adventures here in Korea and I hope I was of some help to those who might be coming!


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