Before You Go Logistics: Class Registration and Dorming

Three days before I go to Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea and it’s surreal to me.  Where did the time go?  It’s actually happening!  It’s so crazy to me that I started this process a year ago: doing applications, getting recommendation letters, scheduling for classes, etc.  It is a long process, but hopefully worth it.

There is a lot of uncertainty that comes with traveling and study abroad, so I thought I would try to quell some fears and inform others of some pre-departure logistics, such as registering for classes and dorming at Hanyang University’s summer program, known as Hanyang International Summer School (HISS).

Registering for classes at Hanyang is a bit different than at Drexel.  There are rounds of course registration where anyone can add, drop, or modify their schedule.  Outside of these designated rounds, you cannot change your schedule.  If a course has less than ten students after the round was over with, the course would be canceled, even if potentially more students could have signed up for the class during the next registration round.  There were four rounds of class registration and in each round, new classes were added and others were canceled.

The most notable aspect in the class registration for Hanyang is the fact that it is extremely competitive.  There are no time tickets that divide registration times based on class standing like at Drexel.  Therefore, everyone is trying to register for classes right when registration opens.  I would recommend that you be quick and have your course IDs handy to use the search tools to filter the results.  From my observations, the classes that became full the quickest were Professional Academic English, Digital Studio, and Korean language classes.  If those classes do peak your interest (assuming they are still offered), I would urge you to register for those first before they are filled. They do add more courses each registration round, depending on demand, so if you do not get the course you wanted, potentially you have another chance.

predepart logistics screenshot class registratin

(screenshot of the class registration interface)

As for dorming, Hanyang University has on campus and off campus dormitories that are divided by gender.  They also have partnered with external housing accommodations.  Since Drexel was a partner exchange school with Hanyang, they already reserved a room for me so I did not have to register and sign up for a room.  I will be staying in one of their on-campus dormitories.

Before choosing to live in the dorms, I recommend looking at the rules for living in the dorms.  The regulations are a lot stricter than at Drexel.  For example, females are not allowed to enter the male dormitory and vice versa.  There is also a curfew.  Therefore, before deciding whether to dorm, it may be best to consider all options.  It made sense for me since it was the cheapest option.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is the time difference.  If you have any questions or concerns (I had some about the wire transfer for the dormitory payment), there is a waiting period since they are thirteen hours ahead of us.  This may not seem too bad, but if you have to work around both business hours here and over in Seoul, it is sometimes difficult to wait with a time-sensitive concern.

However, no matter what small obstacles there may be, eventually they will all work themselves out.  I am so looking forward to my study abroad adventure and can’t wait to share and document it here!