Keeping Up with Sydney

Being such a busy city, there is always something to do in Sydney. The trick is more about finding them and making sure you don’t miss them. Whether you are into pop-up markets, food festivals, or themed parties, there is definitely something for you in Sydney. During my time in this amazing city, I’ve gotten to figure out the best ways to be in the know of what is and what will be going on in Sydney.

Your number one best friend is Facebook. I have noticed that almost every single public event is announced through facebook here. From Harry Potter themed parties to sculptures at the beach, Facebook’s events page is a must to check out. Thanks to Facebook events, I have stumbled upon on my feed, I’ve known about free dumpling nights, artisan markets near me, and even brunch specials!

In addition, a website I swear by to plan my weeks is concrete playground. This page better be bookmarked in your computer if you are planning on visiting or studying in Sydney. From the moment you enter it, it lets you write down what you are in the mood for. Date ideas? New Films? Free stuff? Concrete playground has it all. This page has all the reviews for the newest eat and drink in Sydney, along with the inside scoop of what will open so that you can get your calendar ready. Personally one of my favorite tabs on it is the $10 and under. Here, you can find things like the Taste of Sydney Collective where you get to try foods made by Australia’s best chefs. You can also find things like Yack 2018, which hosts Sydney’s funniest and smartest comedians.

The second must see website is Urban list. This page will provide a list of anything you are looking for in Sydney. Best 10 bottomless brunch spots? Done. Best places to mini golf in Sydney? Easy. Unlike concrete playgrounds, this website also keeps you updated with Australian pop culture. It talks about the current reality tvs, music bands, and celebrities to help you immerse yourself in the culture.

My best advice, follow all these pages closely as the amount of activities and articles you’ll find are unbelievable. Plus, you don’t want to regret not knowing there was a ball pit party or all an all-you-can-eat taco Tuesday going on.


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