Living at the Library

January 23, 2019


  • Take note of upcoming tests
  • Learn about all the resources that the school has to offer and make the most of it
  • Try to make a balanced schedule of when you will go sight seeing and still have enough time to sit down and study

I have not been studying. Well I have…but only trying…haha. It’s hard to study because I don’t have any upcoming tests. At Drexel, I was used to having midterms very often and that is not the case here. My first upcoming test will be in March, after my one week break. It’s almost the end of January which means I still have around a month until I take my first test. That is crazy to me!!! If I don’t keep up with my studies then I will be very backtracked!!!

I really need to keep myself organized and force myself to study because if I don’t, I will end up doing a lot of cramming and I don’t want to do that here.

It’s been hard to study just because I keep falling asleep haha…the heat gets to you. I have also been going out a lot to visit things by train, so that has been taking up a lot of my days. I figured, I might not be in Singapore ever again so I have to make the best of it!! I really want to visit everything. I think this might be possible (to a certain extent) because Singapore is not that big. By everything, I mean the main things that tourists come to see. I’m really looking forward to it.

View of the entrance of the Library

But…as much as I get excited to planning to see things I still have to remember that I have to come back and study…what a bummer. I wish I was here on vacation for 4 months haha!!! But, yes I really need to study. I have learned that I will need to study more in the library so that I am more inclined to stay focused.

This cool seating area at the library with building blocks and comfy pillows

The library here is so awesome. Not to sound like a complete nerd but wow I could live there. No…..actually….because they have a sleeping pod….I’m not even kidding. The sleeping pod is in the back of the library and is open to anyone that reserves it at the front desk. Maybe I will use it if I end up cramming information into my head for those tests haha.

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