Monteverde- So Much To Explore!

Waking up early to see adorable monkeys at the window of my hostel is what happened when I went to the beautiful Monteverde. Monteverde is a place in Costa Rica that is full of nature, animals, and adventure. I really think that it was one of my favorite places to go while I was in Costa Rica, and here is why.

In Monteverde there are a lot of opportunities to explore, as it is a very adventurous place. One of the main reasons why people go to Monteverde is to try zip lining because it is the home of the longest zip line in Latin America, the Superman. Yes, it’s called the Superman, and yes you feel like you are flying when do that zip line. The crazy part about this zip line is that you aren’t sitting up, but you are actually laying on your stomach with your arms spread out, like superman. They also had a bunch of smaller zip lines before this one so you feel more used to the feeling. This was the first time I went zip lining, and it was a feeling like no other. As I was on the big zip lines I looked around at the mountains and the sky. I looked down to see all of the trees and nature around me. It was another great way to appreciate the nature in Costa Rica. At the end of the 10 zip lines there was the “Tarzan Swing.” This was an extremely high bungee jump. When I got to the edge of where I had to go off I looked down with butterflies in my stomach. The men that worked there told me to bend my knees and step off. I thought to myself, just jump off? No other instructions? I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loud in my life as I was in the air with no traction and suddenly pulled to into the sky. It was an absolutely amazing and an unforgettable experience.

All of the group ready to zip line!

The next morning we woke up to start our next adventure. In Monteverde there is a rainforest called Cloud Forest, Bosque de Nubes in Spanish, with beautiful views and trails for hiking. I think my favorite part was the areas where you could look out at trees and land that was in the distance. I could see mountains of green trees and different plants. One piece of advise if you go to the Cloud Forest is to make sure to go a little early because the line to go was pretty long by the time we arrived!

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