Colorful Neighborhoods

March 1, 2019

Can you believe it’s March!! I have been in Singapore for 2 months now!! Wow, I can’t believe it, time goes by so fast when you’re not paying attention.

After being here for 2 months, I can honestly say I have done a lot. But, I also want to comment on something that bothered me earlier this month.

Some of the other international students have asked me if I have travelled to other countries and I haven’t so I tell them no. When I do, they are surprised and ask me why not and tell me that I’m doing this whole study abroad thing wrong. At first it bothered me because I would actually question myself and wonder if I am doing it all wrong. But, after thinking and talking about it, I was wrong to question myself from the beginning.

I’m really proud of myself for even getting to Singapore in the first place. Whatever I do, should be compared to my expectations and not that of others. I just wanted to talk about this here because I wonder if other people are in the same boat as me. I saved up my co-op money and used that to get here, I am sure that other people do the same. That in itself is already a huge deal! You saved up your own money to travel to another country! I think that’s great. And even if you are only able to stay in your host country because of money or other reasons, it’s totally fine because you already did a huge thing in your life. I won’t go on too much about this but just wanted to express that to anyone who is in the same position!

Other than that, I have had a great time thus far in Singapore! I’m so glad I actually did this and didn’t back out. I was actually emailed from the Study Abroad office with the letter I wrote myself before leaving and I was really touched. I think that is a great idea to email students the letter we wrote ourselves because I actually forgot I even did it and it meant a lot. You know how you can always give advice to your friends but you can never take your own advice? Well, when I read my letter to myself, it was like I was making sure I was taking my own advice. It was great.

In other news, it is officially recess week! Today I walked around a neighborhood close by because I was drawn to this purple building I see everyday. So glad that it’s Friday and I am so grateful for this break because I don’t have school for a week! My boyfriend is coming to visit me (so happy), and we have so many things planned. I can’t believe I haven’t seen him or any of my friends and family for a whole 2 months. It’s actually crazy to me because I have never had to do that before. Sometimes it gets tough because I miss my family but then other times I am reminded that I will be home soon and I have to enjoy my time while I am here.

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