Don’t feed the monkeys…

March 11, 2019

It’s Monday again….and recess week is over! I have to start going back to classes and unfortunately the week right after recess week is midterm week for me. I have a midterm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday…and we can’t forget about my solo dance assessment on Friday for my hip hop class!

But first, I want to talk about all the things I did during my recess week!

I went to the Treetop Walk! It was amazing and I really liked it, even if it wasn’t what I expected. The Treetop Walk is a pretty lengthy hike starting at Windsor Park, you start the trail and eventually end up at the Ranger Station inside the nature preserve. Once you get to that station, you can take a bathroom break or have a snack. Oh…one thing that I forgot to mention is that there are monkeys all over the place!! So hide your snacks because they can smell it from a distance and they will all come after you. Something crazy here is that if you feed the monkeys, you could get fined with $50,000 as a penalty.

Anyways, after the Ranger Station you can make your way to the bridge that overlooks the nature preserve. You’re up pretty high and can see all the different types of trees around you. You can also see in the distance one of the bodies of water within the nature preserve. It was all very amazing and different because from my perspective, there is not much nature in Singapore. Everything seems very man made and it is difficult to really be out in “nature”. Even this Treetop walk was kind of man made because it had all these platforms for safe walking. Nonetheless, the view was beautiful and I got some really cool pictures and videos.

Something else that I did was see the Super Trees. This…this was honestly amazing. It has to be one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. There was a light show at night that has music and everything so we made sure to get there just in time. Once it starts, the speakers are blasting and the lighting is in full effect.

There was a variety of orchestral songs that matched perfectly with the types of color and rhythm of lights reflecting off the trees. The show lasted a lot longer than I expected. Sometimes for these types of shows, they are really short and you wish they had more of an effect on you. That was definitely not a problem with this show. It lasted long enough for me to really appreciate the effort put into it. It’s crazy to know that I saw this with my own eyes because it is something that is really famous. It is something that I don’t take for granted because many people aren’t able to make a trip out here and see it.

I will continue about the rest of the things I did on the next blog post!

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