Finding Food: Hanyang Edition

No matter where you travel to, a country’s cuisine is always something to look forward to! Trying a bunch of different food is probably one of the most fascinating parts of any trip. You get to experience different dining styles and see what new dishes you’ll end up enjoying. What’s not to love? I’ve been studying at Hanyang for over a month now and I am still finding new places to try at affordable prices! In this blog post, I will break down some of the places around Hanyang that I would recommend if you are looking to save money, but also have great food!

First stop on the food train, Hanyang Plaza! This plaza is located at the entrance of campus right when you exit the Line 2 train. This is pretty convenient if you want to grab dinner after class and then head home (if you end up off campus like me and need to use the train every day). Of course, since this is in a good spot on campus, it gets rather busy around lunch or dinner time so it is quite difficult to find seating. The best way I can describe the Plaza is a food court with around 5 different “restaurants”, two cafes, and a convenient store. Here, you can get a variety of dishes ranging from kimbap, ramen, rice boxes, and noodles. There is also a Gong Cha at the entrance where people can get their daily bubble tea fix if needed.

Just around the corner from Hanyang Plaza and down a semi-long flight of steps is MK Mall. This is another food court style dining area that brings even more options to your daily food needs. The food is decent, but can a bit redundant with the Plaza being so close as well. Unlike Hanyang Plaza though, MK Mall is right next to the stadium and provides a pretty decent outside seating. When the weather is nice out, you will find this place bustling with activity. People tend to occupy this space, sprawling out around the steps leading to the stadium. There is even a cute seating area around the corner that is covered in topiary! I 100% recommend this place when it gets warmer and if you can find a nice spot!

Where my classes are located is the icafe 70! This food location is on the smaller side, but there is a 7/11, a Hotdog NY Coffee, and Cafe Bene. Most of the time, my friend and I end up in 7/11 because they have a variety of options to choose from such as onigiri, kimbap, sandwiches, burgers, and rice box sets. Even though it is from a convenient store, their food is still pretty good and you can get full off of a 3,000 won meal! Although, there’s a lot of snacks around the store, so if you are like me, you always end up leaving with a bunch of snacks! One thing I found neat about their convenient stores is that they have microwaves and hot water, so you can buy packaged food and heat it up there to eat!

Lastly, if you trek down the hills (which takes around 10 minutes) in the opposite direction of the Hanyang Plaza, you will hit Wangsimni where there is an abundance of cheap restaurants! Most of the places around here is around 4,000-7,000 won and the portions are really big (at least it is for me)! I’d say Wangsimni is a bit of a maze; you have to go around into small alleyways to find some of the restaurants! It is definitely worth it though!

With a little over 2 months left of my study abroad, I am excited to continue exploring and finding new restaurant! I know there is a lot more places I can try and I am determined to find as many as I can! 🙂

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