Applying for co-op while Studying Abroad

April 1, 2019

It is officially April!!!

This is going to be my last month in Singapore because I will be leaving in the first full week of May.

Classes will be ending on April 19 and then after that we get 1-2 weeks to review before exams. So basically…I should probably start studying today!!! Since this is my last month and I will be leaving very soon, I want to make the most of my time here. Hopefully I will be able to travel somewhere since I have the time available. I obviously want to make sure I study enough but it would be hard to pass up on traveling if I have the time before leaving.

I wanted to talk a little about getting a co-op while abroad. First of all, I was applying for co-ops in the Philadelphia area and ended up in round C. I was kind of nervous because I didn’t really think I would end up there. I applied to a couple jobs and didn’t hear back for a while. I was beginning to feel nervous because this was round C and I wanted to make sure I had a job for when I came back home. I decided to email the jobs I applied to and then started to receive emails back. One thing I have to mention, I made the mistake of leaving my phone number on my resume. My phone number doesn’t work right now since I was never able to get the SIM card to be compatible with my carrier. So, if that happens to be the case for you to, make sure to remove the phone number entirely from your resume. It turns out, that some of the jobs I applied to, called me and left a voice message.

Anyways, once I received emails back, I scheduled phone interviews. Now, in order to make that happen, I used Google Hangouts. It worked perfectly fine and I would suggest that to people who also have SIM card problems or cannot make long distance phone calls.

The hard part about finding a co-op while studying abroad is the time difference. For me, there is a 12 hour time difference so sometimes I would have to stay up until 10-11 pm to have an interview with companies because it is 10-11 am for them. Now I know 10 pm is not that late…but I’m basically a grandma and like sleeping early haha.

To end a good note, I finally secured a job!! I’m glad it all worked out and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. It is a really good feeling to know I will come back to a job in May. The job position sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to working there.

Being abroad and applying for co-op at the same time has taught me that no one is going to hand you anything. If you want something, you have to go look for it.